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1979 | Installation: Super8 projection in looping; object and album | Discussions on the relation between art and the market | Art Gallery of Centro Cultural Cândido Mendes, RJ, Brazil.
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Maria Carmen Albernaz

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"(...) the gallery, taking advantage of its not-for-profit status, has been quick in taking up a position of being open to experiments. At least half of what it will have done in 1979, has been for the promulgation of artists whose work amounted to, first of all, a questioning of the art circuit itself --- their ways, their boundaries, their ailments.
It is well within this inquisitive objective that N Operações [N Operations] -- the general title of the work presented by Rute Gusmão and Maria Carmen Albernaz -- is placed. There is nothing in the gallery for those who enter expecting to see works covering the walls or placed on the floor. For these people, the effect is disturbing: there is almost nothing around. In the middle of the room, there are two displays that contain many copies of a blue cover brochure with the title written across it. Among them, a glass shelf, hanging from the ceiling, displaying a collection of tins, such as money boxes -- all of them wrapped in paper where the words «truque troc» are shown. And, to finish, one can watch a film on a piece of cloth that improvises as a screen.
The film images themselves help to find the key to gradually understanding the group of works. Two magicians, sometimes smiling sometimes circumspect, repeat deception as pictures of delusion that keep growing. Well, this leads one to think that two artists, between being factual and ironic, there in that same room, expose margins of magic that exist in art. Art and deception together function close to each other, they mingle and they even confuse us. The artist (all of him/her? always?) operates and offers allurements n times. One manages to make the real to be as flexible as ever, one removes some links, one leaves it suspended, one suggests a new normativity to give law to the things of the world -- that of disguise and illusion. And this deception, turned into a spice in the circuit that propels it and from which it feeds itself, may become a currency, generate profit, open a savings account, yield interest: to be brilliant, therefore, without one knowing if it is true or false. Of the artist, every magician has a little; but of the magician, every artist has an awful lot. This is the equation that, surreptitiously, the two artists offer us -- in any way they are still magicians (...)".

Extracts from an article by Roberto Pontual
Experimentando e sedimentando [Experimenting and Sedimenting]
Jornal do Brasil, 15/10/1975.