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1978 | Silkscreen on clear plastic (14 x 18,5 cm) mounted on a glass pane | Group show at the Art Gallery of Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage | Centro Cultural Cândido Mendes Collection, RJ, Brazil.



1982 | Painting on clear plastic | Solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Centro Cultural Cândido Mendes | Private collection.

"Sometimes, one has the sensation that it is not a question of occupying, with the trapeze, a place in space, questioning the balance. The trapeze activates this space in a succession of folds, ruptures, projections and displacements, causing time to exist. Time as action, pure virtuality. An almost invisible line cuts the trapeze or expands from it. The spectator’s eye notices the line and also discloses its time."

Extract from the article by Frederico Morais
Ironia e construção nos trapézios de Rute Gusmão [Irony and Construction in Rute Gusmão’s Trapezes],
O Globo, 2/5/1982.